Using LB from private network.

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Subject: Using LB from private network.
From: LVS@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:23:41 -0600
I set up my LVS servers over three years ago, and it's been routing to my three realservers perfectly. Thanks to all who contribute. I have an issue and I don't recall if I knew this going into the project. Currently we route traffic to a private address from our Firewall and the real servers exist on a 192.168.13 address behind the LB.

Public Network
192.168.12.  - LB
192.168.13.   - Real Servers

My issue is I am unable to connect to the LB and bring up a Real Server while on the 192.168.12 network. Is this by design or have I mis-configured something?

My apologies if this is a known issue, I'm reading though the wiki's and docs now.

Thanks in advance,

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