Re: LVS and RedHat Cluster Suite differences

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Subject: Re: LVS and RedHat Cluster Suite differences
From: Subhankar Sengupta <subhankar_sngpt@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 21:30:32 -0700 (PDT)
  As of my knowledge RedHat uses Piranha for the same purpose.
  Subho Sengupta(Black Pigeon)

Ben Hollingsworth <ben.hollingsworth@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Subhankar Sengupta wrote:
> Hi,
> using heartbeat it is very much possible to set up active/active cluster what
> you need is GFS. LVS is a diffren thing it is releated to load balancing using
> director.
> Rgds
> Subho Sengupta(Black Pigeon)
> Ben Hollingsworth wrote:
> My company, whose Linux flavor of choice is RHEL, will be setting up a 
> load balanced cluster soon. I've setup a couple HA servers using older 
> versions of heartbeat, but I've never messed with LVS for an 
> active/active cluster. What, if anything, is the difference between 
> stock LVS and RedHat Cluster Suite? I'm assuming that RHCS is based on 
> LVS. Have they added anything, or did they merely slap their own name 
> on it and start charging extra for support? Anybody out there got any 
> first-hand experience with both LVS & RHCS? Any input would be greatly 
> appreciated.

Yes, I know what HA and LVS do. LVS is what I want. I'm familiar with 
HA, but I don't know enough about LVS to know if RedHat Cluster Suite 
adds anything to it, or is simply re-branded.

And I do know enough about LVS to know that GFS is not required, 
depending on what apps you're clustering.

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