Re: keepalived does not configure LVS

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Subject: Re: keepalived does not configure LVS
From: Bill Shupp <hostmaster@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 11:26:29 -0700
Bill Shupp wrote:
> Brad Dameron wrote:
>> Looks ok. I had this same problem with a RPM of keepalived. I had to
>> compile it from source so that it used the ipvs information from my
>> kernel. That would be my next step.
> I tried that as well, but it behaves the same way.  Incidentally, the
> backup director has the same issue.  Failover works fine, by the way.
> It's only the ipvs information that is not being setup.

My mistake... the src build indeed did NOT have LVS support, I needed to
install the kernel source to provide net/ip_vs.h.

"yum install kernel-devel"

... worked fine, but I did need to preface


with ...


One other error in my config was that the real_server directives were
missing the port number, which defaults to 0 (and hence doesn't work).

Thanks again,

Bill Shupp

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