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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] LVS and SSH
From: Mehrdad Ziaei <mehrdad.ziaei@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 15:41:37 -0400
Hello Gerry,

If you have more than one real server providing SSH, then the ssh server 
on all of them should
have the same host keys: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*

In this case when the ssh clients connect from outside, no matter which 
real server they go to,
they will always get the same host key.

This is what we do with our clusters.


Gerry Reno wrote:
> I have SSH working with LVS but I keep getting annoying messages about 
> SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING NASTY!  Which means the key has changed.  
> Well of course, it's going to a different realserver.  So what is the 
> best way to handle this?  I could set strict to no but that seems a 
> little too loose.  Is that the only way to get rid of this key check 
> message?  I tried putting all the realserver keys into the client's 
> ~/.ssh/known_hosts file but I still get prompted.
> Gerry
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