Re: [lvs-users] ipvs and iptables :: how do they mesh together?

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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] ipvs and iptables :: how do they mesh together?
From: chris barry <Christopher.Barry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 23:54:21 -0500
On Sun, 2007-12-23 at 19:20 -0800, Joseph Mack NA3T wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Dec 2007, chris barry wrote:
> > Ok, sorry to reply to my own post, but is this such a stupid question,
> > that when everyone saw it, they basically said "what an idiot!" and
> > immediately deleted it? It may well be an ignorant question, and maybe
> > I /should/ already know it, but I really did google all around, and
> > could not find anything on it. The whole thing is pretty much black
> > magic to me, and I'm just trying to grok it.
> this is the most fundamental question about how LVS works. 
> All of the behaviours of LVS depend on how/where you hook 
> LVS into the netfilter tables.
> There is a diagram/gif by Horms in the HOWTO I'll let you 
> find it.

Got it -Thanks! And thanks for the context. It's cool seeing how people
saw a problem, and created a solution - especially one arguably as
important as LVS. An amazing achievement, and my hat is off to all of
you. I'm using it to very good effect, and I do appreciate your efforts.

Any thoughts on creating a single html file for the howto? This would
make searching it a little easier. I did read the howto, but I'm not
sure how I missed it. Being largely a string of posts, sometimes it's a
little hard to follow.

> Because LVS was originally riding on the coattails of the 
> masquerading code (ie only LVS-NAT existed), and ip_vs() 
> on the director only accepted packets for one IP, an IP to 
> which a service was listening, LVS hooked into the LOCAL_IN 
> chain. This required the director to have an IP=VIP. The 
> director was re-routing packets for a service that was 
> actually listing on an IP on a backend machine (now called 
> the realserver) and the VIP only existed on the director to 
> be able to flag the packets of interest to ip_vs()
> LVS-DR, fwmarks, LVS's with many IPs and the rewriting of 
> LVS to be now be based on netfilter (late 2.2 kernels) 
> rather than masquerading code, it became obvious that the 
> director was only a router (but with somewhat different 
> rules than a regular router), and like a router didn't need 
> to have the IP of any packets that it was routing. Although 
> the best choice at the time, when based on 2.0.x kernels and 
> masquerading code for a service listening on an IP, in the 
> new framework, LOCAL_IN was no longer a good place to hook 
> LVS.
> Horms has written an version of LVS that hooks into 
> PRE_ROUTING which seems to work OK. It is now generally 
> agreed (i.e. Horms say so, and it is OK with me) that LVS 
> should be in the FORWARD chain, where LVS can best look like 
> a router, and the director will not need a the VIP. 

This is where I had guessed it might be. Sounds like that's a whole
'nother project though... Any thoughts of merging efforts and ideas with
the netfilter guys?

> Unfortunately no-one has yet had the time to rewrite 
> (and test) LVS in the FORWARD chain.
> So LVS could be hooked almost anywhere and you just have to 
> tell the users the expected behaviours. Currently LVS is 
> hooked into LOCAL_IN, which we can live with, but which is 
> no longer the best place.
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Is it from Corrogata region? ;)

I hail from Ashfield, in Western MA. Ayah, a New Englandah from way
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