[lvs-users] connection will not close

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Subject: [lvs-users] connection will not close
From: Arkadiy Kulev <eth@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 15:32:44 +0300
Hello lvs-users,

  I am using LVS+Keepalived to balance the load on my web cluster.
  Yesterday, I have embedded a freebsd 6.2 server as one of my
  realservers, I noticed strange stuff.

  When I send a small request through the LVS to it, I receive the
  reply after some time (not instantly) and the connection will not
  close (still remains open).

  Here is how to test it:

  to connect to linux realservers (running on lighttpd webservers):
  telnet 80
  GET / and hit enter twice (this will reproduce a wrong request, but
  it's enough for the example).
  the connection will instantly return you with a HTTP error and

  to connect to the freebsd realserver (based on nginx webserver):
  telnet 180
  GET / and hit enter twice
  instead of replying instantly, it waits for a few seconds, then you
  receive the normal HTTP error, BUT the connection will remain OPEN.

  I thought this was a nginx problem, but then I installed lighttpd on
  that freebsd server. Here it is:
  telnet 180
  GET / and hit enter twice
  same error as above (few seconds waiting, then http error, and
  connection remains open).

  So, I assume it's somehow related with freebsd not sending some
  packets? or what?

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