[lvs-users] Ldirector Timeouts

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Subject: [lvs-users] Ldirector Timeouts
From: "Brandon Hilkert" <bhilkert@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 09:32:11 -0500
We have 15 sites in Ldirector which we use for website failover, not balancing. 
Right now, all of our sites are using the Negotiate check where it checks for a 
keyword on a page. The "check" page is setup to test database connections and 
several other session variables to ensure the site is operational.

We have other services that monitor our sites externally and sometimes when 
loading the "check" page, it could take 60-90 seconds depending on the current 
activity on the database.

In Ldirector, the "checkinterval" variable describes how often the site should 
be checked. There's also a "negotiatetimeout" which seems to describe the time 
between checks. 

My question is twofold:

1) Does the "checkinterval" define time between checks for each site 
( will be checked every interval), or does it define the time between 
checks of all the sites in the list ( will be checked every interval 
x # of sites in the list)?

2) If "checkinterval" is the time between the checking of a each site, what if 
the negotiatetimeout is higher then the checkinterval, if it takes 90 secs on 
the negotiate, and the check is set every 10, will it put up 9 requests in the 
time that only one will respond?

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