[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.1.16

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Subject: [lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.1.16
From: Alexandre Cassen <acassen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 23:19:51 +0100 (CET)
Hi Folks !!!

Well, I must admit I took time =8-D but... finally here it is. I just 
released new code on website as a BUNCH PENDING MERGE release... In a next 
effort I will focus my work on keepalived / VRRP to to support IPv6... 
IPv4 exhaustion is on the corner and every apps must be ported to v6 to 
provide traffic shift from v4 to v6 ! to prevent against CGN 
mass-deployement which will inevitablely slow-down Internet and break 
designs !

ChangeLog for this release is :

2009-02-15  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
         * keepalived-1.1.16 released.
         * Code clean-up.
         * Stefan Rompf, <stefan@xxxxxxxxx> extended scheduler to
           synchronize signal handling by sending the signal number through
           a self pipe, making signals select()able. Child reaping has been
           moved to a simple signal synchronous signal handler. Signal
           shutdown handling has been centralized.
         * Denis Ovsienko, <pilot@xxxxxxxxxx> extended healthchecker
           framework to support alpha/omega design. It provides virtual
           service control in a more fine-graned maner. You may have a
           look to the SYNOPSIS file to have full picture on configation.
           It addresses the following issues :
           - A virtual service is considered up even with an empty RS pool.
           - There is no reliable mean to avoid service regression, when
             the server pool becomes too small.
           - There is no mean to escalate any of the above fault/recovery
           - Real servers are assumed alive initially. This leads to
             unnecessary state flap on keepalived start.
           - notify_down isn't executed for working real servers on
             keepalived shutdown.
           - There is no reliable mean to handle keepalived stop to move
             the virtual service over another load balancer.
         * Stephan Mayr, <Mayr.Stefan@xxxxxx> fixed default value for
           checker loop... a missing TIMER_HZ.
         * Merge keepalived.init.suse.
         * Robin Garner, <robin.garner@xxxxxxxxxx> added support to
           --log-console facility.
         * Tobias Klausmann, <klausman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> fixed an openfile
           leak while performing reload.
         * Leo Baltus, <Leo.Baltus@xxxxxxxxx> extended pidfile handling
           to allow keepalived to start using configurated pidfile.
         * VRRP : Siim Poder, <siim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> fixed IPSEC AH auth
           to skip IPv4 id field of zero. If zeroed kernel will fill it
           and lead to an unwanted protocol re-election.
         * VRRP : Siim Poder, <siim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> fixed reloading issue.
           New ip addresses are added (from configuration). State is kept
           instead of starting from whatever is in configuration file.
           If prios are changed in such a way, state change can occur after
         * VRRP : Vincent Bernat, <bernat@xxxxxxxx> extended virtual_route
           to support virtual "black hole" route as well as multihop route.
         * VRRP : Stig Thormodsrud, <stig@xxxxxxxxxx> fixed a crash while
           using virtual_router_id set to 255.
         * VRRP: Jon DeVree, <jadevree@xxxxxxxxx> fixed arp handling to
           to initialize the target hardware address, using 0xff as found
           in arping. Let scripts work without dealing with weight, if the
           script fails, VRRP fails.
         * VRRP : Pierre-Yves Ritschard, <pierre-yves@xxxxxxxxxxxx> removed
           the GOTO_FAULT state from FSM.
         * VRRP : Willy Tarreau, <w@xxxxxx> fixed link detection handling
           to support right ioctl values for recent kernel ! It can lead
           to issue while running instance on a bonding interface.
         * VRRP : Willy Tarreau, <w@xxxxxx> extended scheduler to catch
           time drift. It implements an internal monotonic clock. It
           maintains an offset between sysclock and monotonic clock, if
           computed time if anterior to monotonic time then just update
           offset. If time computed if fare away into the future then
           limit delay and recompute offset.
         * VRRP : Willy Tarreau, <w@xxxxxx> fixed autoconf issues.


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