[lvs-users] [solved] Problems after upgrade to 2.6.33

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Subject: [lvs-users] [solved] Problems after upgrade to 2.6.33
From: Jan Kasprzak <kas@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 08:28:53 +0100

I have solved this problem:

Jan Kasprzak wrote:
: I have two IPVS hosts (with heartbeat), managing about 20 virtual services
: with ~150 workers. I use ldirectord, direct routing, wrr and wlc schedulers.
: After upgrading one of the IPVS hosts to 2.6.33 (from 2.6.30),
: I am experiencing problems - the workers are being removed and 
: re-added by ldirectord frequently, and sometimes even the whole
: virtual service stalls and is redirected to the fallback server.

        There were actually two problems: the first one is that
ipvsadm-1.25 from Fedora 12 reports zero active connections no matter what.
Replacing the /sbin/ipvsadm binary with 1.24 from Fedora 10 fixes the

        The other problem turned out to be a PEBKC case: I wanted
to have the new system as close to the distribution setup as possible,
so I have even left a Fedora iptables setup in place. This (the stateful
filter in particular) does not go well with IPVS direct routing.
The IPVS host has been dropping the TCP FIN packets, and the worker servers
were soon filled with connections wanting to close, but not receiving
the TCP FIN from the other side :-(.


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