[lvs-users] 2.3.36 performance

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Subject: [lvs-users] 2.3.36 performance
From: "Howard M. Kash (Civ, ARL/CISD)" <howard.kash@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 14:57:57 -0400
After upgrading from (with OPS patch) to 2.6.36, ksoftirqd process 
(eight of them) went from using 5-15% CPU each to using 15-40% CPU each.  Load 
average went from around 0.6 to around 2.  The server is round-robin load 
balancing about 19,000 UDP and 90 TCP DNS connection per second.  UDP uses OPS. 
  Broadcom NIC cards are using MSI.  With MSI disabled, load average is 0.11 
and only one or two ksoftirqd process use <5% CPU.

Could the nf_conntrack changes have caused this?  There were also many MSI and 
bnx2 updates in 2.6.36, so not sure if it's LVS or not.


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