[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.2.2 - IPv6 Ready

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Subject: [lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.2.2 - IPv6 Ready
From: Alexandre Cassen <Alexandre.Cassen@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 23:55:44 +0100
Hi folks,

Well, I spent time on my spare time to work on extending Keepalived to support 
IPv6. I would specially thanks people at & for 
sponsoring this release and for their time spent testing and reporting issues. 
This release extend the whole framework to support IPv4 as IPv6 in the same 
code path. Some clean-up has been made also in order to prepare for next step 

While I was releasing this code, I just realized Keepalived turn 10years... 
damn, ... time is running...

2011-01-16  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * keepalived-1.2.2 released.
        * IPv6 : extended autoconf script to support libnl detection.
                 IPv6 IPVS kernel subsystem is reachable through
                 generic netlink configuration interface.
        * IPv6 : Enhanced libipvs-2.6 to support generic netlink
                 configuration interface. If generic netlink is
                 available with kernel then it will be the
                 prefered path to configure IPVS.
        * IPv6 : Enhanced the whole checker API to use
        * IPv6 : Enhanced the whole core framework to use
        * IPv6 : Enhanced all checkers to use sockaddr_storage.
        * fixed a long time pending issue in all checkers. If
          first connection attempt to remote peer was failing
          no more check was performed to service... Up on error
          connecting remote peer simply register a new timer for
          next check. This is specially needed in IPv6 context
          where a unreachable host can be reached at delayed time.
        * code clean-up: revisited the code to use more POSIX
          compliant declaration. thread typedef to use thread_t
          instead. revisisted checker framework to use POSIX typdef

more to come...

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