Re: [lvs-users] net-snmp-lvs-module SRPM: 64-bit counters not showing up

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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] net-snmp-lvs-module SRPM: 64-bit counters not showing up in snmpwalk of
From: Michael Schwartzkopff <misch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 17:43:30 +0100
On Thursday 20 January 2011 10:47:48 Malcolm Turnbull wrote:
> Léon,
> I know we've ( done a bit of patching to the LVS SNMP
> stuff (I'm just chasing the guy who did it to write a blog about it,
> as we will try and maintain the code)
> One of the patches was:
> net-snmp-lvs-module-0.0.4-compile.patch        Add -fPIC to Makefile
> Their are a couple of memory leaks we fixed as well but they only show
> up under high load, just re-start your snmpd daemon every day to avoid
> if your not using the patches.
> By all means chase nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx directly because I know that
> will annoy him enough to actually write the blog!

Any chance to get this subagent
- in a recent, considerably bug free
- implemented as an AgentX subagent
- as a tarball to be able to package and maintain it for other distributions
- perhaps even a suitable web site or hosted on sourceforge?


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