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Subject: [lvs-users] Setting Max Connections
From: "Robinson, Eric" <eric.robinson@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 01:06:49 -0700
Is it possible to specify a maximum number of connections that LVS will
direct to a realserver? Suppose I have two load-balanced servers, each
capable of handling 150 users, and both are 75% full. If one crashes,
the users will lose connection and try to log back in, and LVS will
direct them to the surviving server. The only problem is that the
surviving server can only handle maybe 50 more users. If all 300 users
try to use it, the server was slow to a crawl. How do I specify a max
limit of, say, 200 users? Better to have some users not be able to use
the system than none of them.




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