[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.2.3

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Subject: [lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.2.3
From: Alexandre Cassen <acassen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 08:27:04 +0200 (CEST)

Quick headup to announce new keepalived release. Mostly merged most of 
pending patches. (thanks Vincent for your long term help !)

I created a github keepalived repo becoming the new git keepalived MASTER 
repo. Please have a look at :

ChangeLog for this release is :

2012-07-13  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
         * keepalived-1.2.3 released.
         * Please look at git repo for credits.
         * VRRP : allow group to use priority with 'global_tracking'
           group keyword
         * VRRP : Adjust TOS values. The TOS value used by other
           vendors is ip precedence 6, so change that. Use socket
           priority option to force packets into band 0 of pfifo_fast.
         * VRRP : Fix sync-group thrashing.The sync group implementation
           was not very robust. If one synced instance lost communication
           without going to fault state then all synced intances would
           transition to master. Following this all instances would
           transition back to backup because they heard higher priority
           advertisements. This thrashing would continue indefinitely.
           To fix this the sync-group code was made to prefer backup
           state. That is, the sync-groups don't sync to master state
           unless every instance wants to be master.
         * VRRP : Fix dst lladdr in IPv6 Unsollicited NA.
         * VRRP : fix pid display in syslog messages.
         * Fix configure script to correctly identify kernel version.
         * check : handle unspecified sockaddr_storage when comparing
         * VRRP : ensure VRRP script interval and GARP delay is not 0.
         * check: ensure non 0 default values for timeouts.
         * VRRP : Fix priority not changing on reload.
         * check : Fix IPv4 address comparison routine.
         * Don't use bind() with AF_UNSPEC.
         * check : enable the use of fwmark with IPv6 virtual servers.
         * Fix modprobe arguments.
         * Fix double ntohs() in SMTP checker.
         * Pretty-print IP:port as [%s]:%d.
         * check : keep retry in case of early TCP failures in checks.
         * when specifying an IPv6 range, range is hexadecimal value.
         * Only define kernel types for ip_vs.h header to avoid problems
           when loading other headers.
         * When respawning VRRP or check process, use LOG_ALERT.
         * Do not set reload flag in the main process.
         * Set correct rights on PID file.
         * fix 'gratuitous' typos.
         * ipvs: don't include linux/types.h or asm/types.h.
         * configure: check for nl_socket_modify_cb for libnl.
         * configure: don't check for IPVS support with kernel 2.6.x.
         * VRRP : On shutdown, release sockets later to be able to send
           shutdown packet.
         * fix documentation on linkbeat_use_polling keyword.
         * Fix a typo for healthchecker.
         * fix syslog message if bogous vrrp packet (wrong auth type)
         * manpage update.


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