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Subject: [detailled] -- The project
From: Raphael Quoilin <raphael.quoilin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 18:02:10 +0200

I have to do a web-hosting-server for a medium large groupe. To build-up
this hosting space, I have got 2 I.B.M Netfinity 5500 Servers. The users
are mainly students. They would be able to: upload their html pages and
files, download their (of course) No Telnet at all (!) excepted for the

Here is what I've already done chronologically:

. Implement RAID 5 on the disks
. Install and upgrade RedHat 6.2 kernel 2.2.14 ---> 2.2.16

At the medium-terms, we would like to add a webmail server using an NT4
box and I.I.S 4.0

Since my first post, I've red that I have to install a patch to the
Linux-Kernel of the machine that will do the N.A.T - ok - After this
installation, I'll install the "ipvsadm" rpm.

Joseph wrote:

> I'll assume you're running an httpd on port 80 on each 
> realserver.


> All four machines must present the same data to the client,
> since you don't choose which machine people connect to.

That's it. Once connected to the server(s), the users mustn't see that
there is much more than one machine 'virtualized'. Just an homogene set.

The frontal machine will be an Intel Pentium3 with 128 Mb RAM and a 4 Gb
SCSI disk. Will it be enough ?


        -- RAF

PS: I use Visio Technical to draw the pictures.

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