Re: [detailled] -- The project

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Subject: Re: [detailled] -- The project
From: Raphael Quoilin <raphael.quoilin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 01:00:41 +0200
Joseph Mack wrote:

> Again you'll have to fill me in a bit more.  If you put port 80 on 
> the 4 realservers under the control of the LVS director then you'll 
> appear to have a single computer with 4 times the capacity of the 
> original computer. The other ports (eg 23 for telnet) are left as 
> originally installed, so john could telnet to machine1 and maria 
> could telnet to her account on machine2.

And of course, for MySQL... It is just like telnet 8-[ We won't 
implement MySQL now but that will be installed later (within a year).

What should I do ? :----)

        -- RAF

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