Re: Persistent Services

To: jbearce@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Persistent Services
Cc: lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: "Thomas A. Morris" <morrist@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:04:46 -0400
jbearce@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> That seems to work for the non-persistent services, but it doesn't seem to 
> work
> for the persistent ones.  After removing a realserver or marking the weight as
> 0, no new traffic will be sent to that server, but looking at 'ipchains -L -M
> -n' still shows masq entries for existing connections and those connections
> don't seem to get routed to a new server until the masq timer expires.  This 
> is
> with the Redhat 2.2.14-12 kernel plus the LVS 0.9.13 patch. (I've tried all 
> the
> earlier LVS patches down to 0.9.8 as well).
> Jim

Are you running the ipchains command to remove the real servers?
/sbin/ipchains -D forward -j MASQ -s  <REALSERVER>
I'm using firewall marks, so your mileage may vary...


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