multiple nic anguish

To: LVS <lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: multiple nic anguish
From: Chris Anderson <chris.anderson@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 11:39:56 +1000
(Apologies if you see this more than once - it didn't seem to make it to
the list.)

>From the pain-and-suffering-with-multiple-nics department:

I'm putting together a server farm, with heartbeat, lvs, mon, and a few
other goodies. In order to reduce the problems caused by having a hub
die, I've put two NICs in each server (both directors and realservers),
and connected card 0 to one hub, and card 1 to another.

Then, thinking that all is well, I wrote a script for mon (which is
running on the directors) to test network connectivity by pinging all
the relevant IPs via the two net cards in each director; in more detail,
I ping the 2 IPs in for each director and each realserver via each
device in the director.

The problem I have found (and I'm not sure whether heartbeat/lvs is
responsible or not) is that this doesn't work. To illustrate (using the
actual IP addresses on director 1):

eth1:  <-- only used for heartbeat vi crossover cable


If I (from director1) do the following:

ping -c 1 -I eth0  or
ping -c 1 -I eth2

then I get no response. Similarly, if I ping (from the director) either
of the realserver addresses with the cable to eth0 (on the realserver)
unplugged, then I get no response, but if that cable is plugged in and
the eth1 cable is removed, I can ping both of them.

Here's the routing table on the director, just in case that helps any:

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   Iface UH      eth2 UH      eth0 UH      eth1 UH      eth0   U       eth1   U       eth0   U       eth2       U       lo         UG      eth2         UG      eth0

I'm kinda stumped here; any help at all would be appreciated!

Cheers, Chris.
"Personally, I am of the Opinion that The Bible(tm) has historical
 value only slightly greater than The Silmarillion. But, that's
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