SV: SV: Introduction and LVS/DR 2.4 realserver questions

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Subject: SV: SV: Introduction and LVS/DR 2.4 realserver questions
From: "Johan Isacsson" <johan@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:09:01 +0100
Hey Roberto,

> Yet a better idea is to check now on a testmachine if it works correctly
> for you. But I guess you want to run some jfs and ext2 on the servers,
> don't you? Just try it out before you switch to 2.2. However I really
> recommend you to use the 2.4.x kernel series for a webserver and TUX 2.0
> and maybe the newest released zerocopy patches, they are included now in
> the ac-tree. For the LVS I recommend the 2.2.x kernel with the
> 1.0.5 patch.

Thanks, i'll have a look at that :)

> Last two questions before I will send you the network I have in mind
> for you:
> o Where are the webservers?

They are at Location 2, i didn't include them in the figure, but they are a
separate virtual server.
The "File servers" are actually webservers but they serve static content
(downloads). All other webtraffic goes to another virtual server that is
just located at location 2 (using the same LVS though).

> o What is the VFS and what is its purpose?

VFS is the LVS.

> > Router 1 has a limit of 4 Mbit
> > VFS1 is the virtual file server
> I hope you don't mean the LVS.

Why? :P It is... I'm planning to use Tunneling.

> I have something in mind, but I first need the answers.

Excellent, thanks! :)

Johan Isacsson

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