Introduction and LVS/DR 2.4 realserver questions

To: "Lvs-Users" <lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Introduction and LVS/DR 2.4 realserver questions
From: "Johan Isacsson" <johan@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 07:46:49 +0100

I'm new to this list so here comes a little introduction.
My name is Johan Isacsson and i'm the CTO of MGON International AB, based in
MGON creates and maintains websites about computer games, traffic is about
25 million impressions/month.
Almost all pages are dynamic, so we need to distribute the load over several
servers. We're running Linux 2.2 with Apache+PHP and MySQL on all
realservers, about 16 in total.
We use custom/scp script for file mirroring but are looking for better ways
of doing that (any suggestions are welcome).
Currently we use LVS/DR to distribute the load and it works very well for
Before that we used IBM Network Dispatcher which i think worked the same way
as LVS/DR do, but it costs lots of money! :P
Well, enough about me, on to the questions!

1. Is the redirect approach working (well) on 2.4, and if so, are there any
drawbacks using that method compared to the hidden arp method in 2.2?
2. Is it a very bad idea to just have 1 NIC on the LVS machine to receive
and forward the requests?

It's a DR setup.

We have another server location with a 4Mbit connection that we don't use
much. We have some servers there serving static files, but i'd like to load
balance them between that location and our main location. Like this:

Location 1 (Max 4Mbit)
Static file servers

Location 2
Static file servers
Virtual server

I'd like to use as much as possible of the bandwidth in location 1 (up to
4Mbit) and after that start using the fileservers at location 2. The
bandwith usage can be taken from the router at location 1 using snmp.
If anyone have suggestions about how to set up scheduling for this i'd love
to hear them :)

Thanks for your time,

Johan Isacsson

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