Re: configuration script in configure-lvs_0.8.tar.gz

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Subject: Re: configuration script in configure-lvs_0.8.tar.gz
Cc: alois@xxxxxxxx
From: Joseph Mack <mack.joseph@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 07:10:31 -0400
Alois Treindl wrote:

> I find two elements of it confusing, see comments marked with 'ALOIS'

> #no default gw for real-server with VS-NAT
> # ALOIS: why do you say 'no default gateway for real-server with VS-NAT'?
> # in the LVS-HOWTO, rev. 1.2, page 129, last line, your write:
> # For VS-NAT, the default gateway for the real-servers is
> # (the inside IP of director in this example)
> # also in the example lvs.conf on page 128 (section 11.2, 3rd paragraph from
> # end.
> #----------end lvs_nat.conf---------------------------------

In earlier versions you could set the default gw for VS-NAT here.
However the only gw that works is with the director as default gw.
I decided this gave too many chances to make mistakes. Since
there was only one choice, I let the script do it and I didn't 
allow you to set the default gw.

What I've said is confusing. I should instead have said 
"script sets it up for you"


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contractor to the National Environmental Supercomputer Center, 
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