Re: help for VS-NAT with firewall functions ?

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Subject: Re: help for VS-NAT with firewall functions ?
From: Roberto Nibali <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:36:28 +0200
Hi Alois,

Sorry for keeping you waiting but I was writing an important artical
abouit advanced intrusion detection for the sysadmin magazine.

> I keep this option open depending on load increase.
> Currently, a dual CPU 500 Mhz server runs the http service, and
> the dbms service. It is now overloaded a lot of the time (load > 30),
> but our dbms is not the bottleneck. It is CPU load.
> We are really computation bound for most http requests.

Maybe after I will understand you application we could try to reduce
> For the current load levels I am sure my setup is sufficiently
> balanced. Later we can
> a) stop http service on 'w1' so that it is only dbms and nfs server
> b) move NFS server to a dedicated machine.
> I don't expect this to happen before we have N>10 real servers, and this
> may never be the case.

Never say 'never' ...

> For today I want to wait for a reply from ratz, because he lives only 20
> miles from Zurich, so it may be more convenient at some point to work with

I do live exactly in Zurich (circle 5, where all the cool clubs and the
nice girls are) I only work in some little town 20 miles outside of Zuerich
in the bushes :)

> him (if he has time and is willing). I had talked to him on the phone
> some months ago, when I first planned this system. Now the hardware is
> in place, Linux installed and I just need to configure everything.

Good, I'm willing to help you if you're willing to work on weekends. We might
meet this weekend if you want to.
> many thanks for the reply.

Glad to hear from you again and that you finally decided to use this project.
Best regards,
Roberto Nibali, ratz 

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