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Subject: Re: remote triggered service failover
From: nick garratt <nick-lvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 13:51:34 +0200
ah, a guinea pig.

i've had a bit of experience with db failover with informix, which is quite sweet. costly too. in that case (also linux) the configuration was much simpler - just a pair of machines - and i got heartbeat to work well in this scenario. however, forcing hearbeat failure on a service failure to induce service failover seems a little clunky. in addition, service failure does not necessarily mean a machine failure and so there are situations where it is conceivable that heartbeat will happily operate while the services the machine supports may be unusable and local monitors can't be launched. for this reason an external monitor agent is the most reliable.

i'll gladly contribute any experience i might have to offer to your effort. hopefully the overall experience will be a good one :)


nick-lvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

 there are two internal services which i'm reluctant to handle as
 internal virtual services  - mysql and msession.

Failing over databases is something that Oracle charges a lot of money
for. I don't have anything to say beyond the HOWTO. However I would be
glad to put your experience (good, bad or otherwise) into the HOWTO
after you've tried it out

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