Re: [Linux-ha-dev] monitoring services via ipip tunnel?

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Subject: Re: [Linux-ha-dev] monitoring services via ipip tunnel?
Cc: jason sydes <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Joseph Mack NA3T <jmack@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 07:51:37 -0700 (PDT)
On Fri, 27 Sep 2002, sage weil wrote:

> My (proposed) setup is no different than a standard TUN or DR type LVS
> setup.  The only constraint is that I'd (ideally) like to have the daemons
> on the realservers only bind to a single ip/port,

this is the only reasonable thing to do in production.

> which makes monitoring
> on the realserver's main ip (RIP, whatever) not an option.

I havne't done the following, but it's what I plan on doing when I get
there. I use mon and so I would have the monitor running on the realserver
and do an ssh call to execute it from the director.


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