Re: [Keepalived-devel] Consolidated config file

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Subject: Re: [Keepalived-devel] Consolidated config file
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From: Matthew Crocker <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29 Jan 2003 11:22:16 -0500

 I have an idea I wanted to bounce off you and off the list.

What is the feasibility of running a daemon on the director and a
service on the real servers.  The real servers would announce the
services that they are willing to accept.  The daemon would control the
monitoring of the services and building the LVS tables to route the
services to the real servers.  The real servers would monitor their load
and can add/drop services depending on some local factors.  This would
allow the real servers to handle some more intelligent monitoring and
simplify the monitoring aspects of keepailved.

Obviously we would want it using some secure communications.  For
example I have 2 web servers and 4 mail servers running with
keepalived/LVS  When mail spam starts flooding in I would like to have
the 2 web servers come online to handle the mail.  After the deluge is
over they could stop accepting mail and handle just web access again.

With this setup I could have a network based install, netboot the real
server and then have it announce its services and start taking load.  I
could bring servers/services up to handle the current demand.


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