RE: Problem with keepalive for LVS-NAT

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Subject: RE: Problem with keepalive for LVS-NAT
From: "Bishop, Cass" <cbishop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 09:41:00 -0600
It looks like the important line in the syslog is:

Jan 30 09:33:51 vespasian Keepalived: VRRP sockpool: [ifindex(2),
proto(112), fd(5)]

Can anyone tell me what this means or point me towards some documentation
that may help?  I'm using LVS 1.0.7 with kernel 2.4.19 and keepalived 1.0.

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Subject: Problem with keepalive for LVS-NAT

I am trying to use keepalive with LVS-NAT for a project.  I have keepalives
failover working correctly but I cannot get it to configure the LVS portion.
Here is my config and the result of starting keepalived with the -d option.
None of the LVS Topology or the Health Checker section shows up.  If I run
ipvsadm it shows nothing is configured.  I can't figure out what I have
missed.  Can anyone spot any problems?  I am using LVS-NAT on a single

global_defs {
   notification_email {
   notification_email_from cass@xxxxxxxx
   smtp_connect_timeout 30
   lvs_id Disp_test2

vrrp_instance VI_A {
    state MASTER
    interface eth0
    lvs_sync_daemon_interface eth0
    virtual_router_id 1
    priority 200
    advert_int 1
    authentication {
        auth_type PASS
        auth_pass Disp
    virtual_ipaddress {

virtual_server 8080{
    delay_loop 6
    lb_algo rr
    lb_kind NAT
    persistence_timeout 300
    protocol TCP

    real_server 8080 {
        weight 10
        TCP_CHECK {
                connect_timeout 3
                connect_port 8080


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