Re: ipvsadm version mismatch in debian

To: " users mailing list." <lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: ipvsadm version mismatch in debian
From: Tobias Klausmann <klausman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 19:58:25 +0200

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, Roberto Nibali wrote:
> After all those years I've got a question as well :). I'm trying to get 
> LVS running in Debian testing (what a strange system) and I'm having 
> serious troubles with ipvsadm mismatches.
> I've apt-get'd keepalived which installs ipvsadm as well (who knows why) 
> which however complains that it only works with 2.6.x kernels, which 
> again is utter crap.

I've run into the very same problem. My fix was to compile
ipvsadm myself. As far as I can tell, Debian does some hefty
patching before compilation (can be seen in the source package on As to why: I don't know. If switched to
compiling all the stuff that's delicate myself, only using the
packaging system for the base system and "foolproof" stuff.

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