RE: how can i monitor real servers (RDP)?

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Subject: RE: how can i monitor real servers (RDP)?
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Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 09:50:57 +0100

You could try using Keepalived. If Keepalived detects that the service
you're loadbalancing for, fails on one box, the box is removed from the

Johan Kooijman

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Subject: how can i monitor real servers (RDP)?


As the topic says. I have 8 Windows Terminal Servers configured for LVS.
This morning one of them had a problem (NIC failure) and immediately the
cluster ip couldn't be accessed anymore by rdp clients. Only after i put the
TS out of service, the clients could connect again. 

This morning i was lucky because somebody was there to set the TS out of
service, but i can imagine bigger problems if this happens when nobody from
IT is present. I've heard of several programs that can monitor web servers,
and (possibly?) adapt to it, or remove the real-server from
the LVS table. But i'm looking for one that can do this for terminal servers
(or just port 3389 would be a start).

Thanks in advance,


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