RE: Netfilter connection tracking support for IPVS

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Subject: RE: Netfilter connection tracking support for IPVS
Cc: 'Julian Anastasov' <ja@xxxxxx>
From: "Nicklas Bondesson" <nicklas.bondesson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 23:48:11 +0100
>       Yep, thats the new evil, Dependent connection tracking 
> vs Independent connection tracking (new). When I synced 
> patches to 2.6.20 I left this patch in old state. It looks 
> like the new way is to clone everything from IP_NF to NF and 
> I didn't wanted to create new ip_vs_nfct.c file for the NF 
> case. Is the old Dependent connection tracking obsoleted?
>       Can you live with Dependent connection tracking?

I'm not sure I know the difference between the two. I'm all ears if you
wanna get down to it.

What does it take to fix the patch to handle the new way
(CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SUPPORT) instead of the old way

> Regards
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> Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>



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