Resource ownership problem

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Subject: Resource ownership problem
From: "Owens, Ron" <ron.owens@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 09:54:06 -0000
I had 2 load directors running SLES9 for a web server cluster.


I have now converted them to DEBIAN Sarge.


LDIR1 works fine. However, when I start up heartbeat on LDIR2, it takes
over the resources successfully but LDIR1 doesn't give up the resources.


The ha-log on LDIR1 gives the error....


heartbeat: 2007/03/22_09:28:27 ERROR: Both machines own our resources!

heartbeat: 2007/03/22_09:28:27 ERROR: Both machines own foreign


I have the same configuration running on my load directors for a proxy
cluster and they work perfectly!


Any ideas?


Ron Owens - Senior Technical Specialist

Infrastructure Team - Computer Services

email: ron.owens@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ron.owens@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  

Phone: External +353  91 49 3252 Internal: 3252


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