LVS-Tun on pfsense ( freebsd )

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Subject: LVS-Tun on pfsense ( freebsd )
From: "Arief Setiawan" <aleifuu@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 11:39:47 +1000

After failing to setup LVS-Tun on Windows 2003 ( no ip-in-ip support ). I'm
trying to config LVS-Tun
on a pfsense device where the windows machine sits behind. hoping that
pfsense could act as
the decapsulation ip-in-ip protocol and later forward it to windows using
its port forwarding.

I'm not too sure how many people here are familiar with pfsense. but,
basically it's a fw software
that sits on top of a FreeBSD system.

There are docos on setting up LVS-Tun on FreeBSD on HOWTO as well as in the
mailing list. but I
found that sometime they offer different settings for LVS-Tun. for example :
are we using
interface tunl0 or gif0 under FreeBSD ?

some are suggesting to put the VIP in lo0 as well as in tunl0. some are
suggesting to set up IP-tunnel from
linux box ( as director ) -> free bsd ( as real server ) and the other way
I believe 'ldirectord' does the ipvsadm/ip-in-ip wrap internally and send it
to the realserver and hence
there's no need to set a separate tunnel just for this, no ?

I've managed to setup LVS-Tun Linux ( director ) -> Linux ( realserver )
previously. and on Linux real-server
i'd just need to do the following ( this is after getting the director up
and using 'ipip' forwarding method ):

root# modprobe ipip
root# ifconfig tunl0 netmask broadcast up

2.72 being the VIP address

I'm just wondering what would be the FreeBSD equivalent of those 2 commands

for example, i can't create a tunl0 interface on FreeBSD.
ifconfig tunl0 create
ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE: Invalid argument

Any help is appreciated : )

- Arief -

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