Anouncement: ipvsman/d more than a GUI to IPVS

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Subject: Anouncement: ipvsman/d more than a GUI to IPVS
From: "Dr. Volker Jaenisch" <volker.jaenisch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 03:53:43 +0200
Hello Linux LVS List!

I'm proud to anounce the ipvsman/d program as a contribution to
the LVS project.

ipvsman is a curses based GUI to the IPVS loadbalancer written in python.
ipvsmand is a monitoring instance of ipvsman to achive the desired state
of the loadbalancing as ldirectord does.

Design goals:
* model-view-controller paradigma:
    - model : IPVS modul (does the loadbalancing)
    - view : ipvsman GUI (shows the state of IPVS and ipvsmand)
- controller : ipvsmand Daemon (checks the availability of realservers and suspendes or resumes them)

* robustness: ipvsman and ipvsmand were operating on the same (99%) datastructures. So they are "thinking" exactly the same way. ipvsman shares nothing with ipvsmand at runtime. ipvsman communicates with ipvsmand only on behalf of the admin over one unix signal kill -HUP. The GUI is not capable to do any harm to the daemon.

* Steer your ipvs-Cluster in realtime. View number of connections and connection per second for all your realservers.
* Adjust weigth of realservers by simply pressing + or -
* Assign/Remove realservers from services by choosing them from your easily defined service topology
* Define a service topology with one config-line:
MyService:t: ["Intel_web1-10:","AMD_spare5+:"] (-m -swrr)

Defines a TCP service named "MyService" at Port 80
using the real servers "Intel_web1", "Intel_web2",..,"Intel_web10" with IPs,, .., at Port 8080 and the realservers "AMD_spare5", "AMD_spare6",..,"AMD_spare9" at IPs .. at port 80. Using "-m" Masquerading as forwarding mechanism and "-swrr" weigthed round robin as sheduling strategy.

* Chronology of your configuration files
* Extendible plugin architecture
* Debian Packages and python installer avaible
* Is in use on portals like with some 100.000 clicks per day.
* Open source, Python License
* Instant migration from ldirectord, can be used in parallel with ldirectord

* Still under development
* Plugins currently only for http and DNS.
* Not all topologies possible to define that are thinkable.

Please give it a look at

and read the preliminary documentation at

Steering a loadbalancer with a realtime GUI and a monitoring daemon in parallel
is a very complex task -
so if you have any questions or critic do not hessitate to ask me.

Best regards

Volker Jaenisch

  inqbus it-consulting      +49 ( 341 )  5643800
  Dr.  Volker Jaenisch
  Herloßsohnstr.    12      0 4 1 5 5    Leipzig
  N  O  T -  F Ä L L E      +49 ( 170 )  3113748

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