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Subject: Re: URL forwarding
From: Konstantin Ivanov <Konstantin.Ivanov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 07:02:20 -0500
Dr. Volker Jaenisch wrote:
Hi Konstantin!
Konstantin Ivanov schrieb:

Is it possible based on the URL address for the load balancer to forward the requests to a particular real servers. What I need to do is for example for a domain name just server1 and server2 will respond, and for server 1 and server3 will respond. I tried looking at UltraMonkey-L7 project but you can match only the file names in the URL like this:
l7vsadm -A -t -m url --pattern-match '*.html' -s rr
l7vsadm -a -t -m url --pattern-match '*.html' -r
Quoting URL module (url) option
--pattern-match character-string (module-args)
Defines the URL character string that should not be allowed to pass through till the real server. This can take 127 english characters. Shell wildcard notation is allowed. (The "*" can match zero or more arbitrary characters --> Match any string
The "?" can match any single character --> Match any single character)
The character-string should be enclosed with ' (Single Quote character)
If complete matching or comparision is required for URL, then * might be needed.
Example: --pattern-match '*/index.html*'

I never used l7vsadm but there is nowhere written that the matching string operates only on the path portion of the URL.

Have you tried e.g.

l7vsadm -a -t -m url --pattern-match '*' -r
l7vsadm -a -t -m url --pattern-match '**' -r

Best Regards,


I have tried but does not work. Will be great if it does.

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