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Subject: Re: Customized fallbak page
From: Gustavo Mateus <gustavo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 13:29:10 -0300
How can I do that?
instead of
        fallback= masq
can I use masq

prockter@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello Gustavo
> The fallback web server can use virtual hosts just like any other web
> service so you can provide all sorry pages (little mini sites with
> graphics and all) from a single server.
> Or you can use a cgi script which varies what it does base on the
> environment (which will include virtual host information)
> Very very ancient web browsers don't send enough information and to
> support them you will have to use IP based hosting, so if you want a
> single IP just provide a catch all page for those few (if any) browsers
> Neil
> Gustavo Mateus wrote:
>> Hi Volker,
>> that is what I imagined.
>> I'll set and ip range for fallbak servers and done!
>> Thanks
>> Dr. Volker Jaenisch wrote:
>>> Hi Gustavo!
>>> Gustavo Mateus schrieb:
>>>> I have 10 virtual servers (http) running on one director with 5 real
>>>> servers and a separated fallback server running lighttpd.
>>>> I want to customize a fallback server page for each of the 10 web
>>>> sites running on the virtual servers.
>>>> The way I imagine it can be done is setting lighttpd to respond to 10
>>>> different ips. One ip on the fallback server for every virtual server
>>>> that I have.
>>>> Is there a way to avoid that? I dont know, some way to use virtual
>>>> hosts and use just one IP for fallback server?
>>> Just to get you right:
>>> * You have 10 say "domains" running on 5 realservers.
>>> * If one domain dies you like to  bring up a "sorry-Page" that is
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