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Subject: Re: Customized fallbak page
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Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 16:15:49 +0100
Hello Gustavo

The fallback web server can use virtual hosts just like any other web
service so you can provide all sorry pages (little mini sites with
graphics and all) from a single server.

Or you can use a cgi script which varies what it does base on the
environment (which will include virtual host information)

Very very ancient web browsers don't send enough information and to
support them you will have to use IP based hosting, so if you want a
single IP just provide a catch all page for those few (if any) browsers

Gustavo Mateus wrote:
> Hi Volker,
> that is what I imagined.
> I'll set and ip range for fallbak servers and done!
> Thanks
> Dr. Volker Jaenisch wrote:
>> Hi Gustavo!
>> Gustavo Mateus schrieb:
>>> I have 10 virtual servers (http) running on one director with 5 real
>>> servers and a separated fallback server running lighttpd.
>>> I want to customize a fallback server page for each of the 10 web
>>> sites running on the virtual servers.
>>> The way I imagine it can be done is setting lighttpd to respond to 10
>>> different ips. One ip on the fallback server for every virtual server
>>> that I have.
>>> Is there a way to avoid that? I dont know, some way to use virtual
>>> hosts and use just one IP for fallback server?
>> Just to get you right:
>> * You have 10 say "domains" running on 5 realservers.
>> * If one domain dies you like to  bring up a "sorry-Page" that is

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