Re: [lvs-users] question regarding ldirectord configuration, ipvsadm

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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] question regarding ldirectord configuration, ipvsadm
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Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 11:11:27 -0800
This normally happens to me when one of the two is true:

Apache isn't listening on the VIP on the realserver (for instance, if you
have a virtual host directive where you do <virtualhost realip:80>, apache
won't be able to respond to requests from the load balancer on the VIP, it
will fail).

The VIP isn't set up properly on the realserver. Are you using loopback or
dummy interface for your realserver to have the VIP?


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Subject: [lvs-users] question regarding ldirectord configuration, ipvsadm

Have a quick question about ldirectord configuration.
Current environment is working well, with a number of proxy boxes
handling a lot of http traffic through one virtual ip.
Problem comes, as we're trying to move to a new (larger) network block
and are running into some issues with getting the larger block up and
In, we duplicated the existing configuration with the
new VIP with the appropriate real ips.
The config loads up, and the new ips show up when checking ipvsadm.
Weights are non-zero's, and we can see the ldirectord doing the HEAD
requests to the various real ips on the config.

>From outside the network:
new virtual ip is pingable.
telnet to the new virtual ip at port 80, sits at the "trying to
connect" dialogue - never gets to the 'connected'
Under ipvsadm, it shows the connection request under InActConn (to the
first real ip address).
Connecting directly to that real ip address works fine, just not
through the VIP.
VIP is pingable.
Any ideas with how to get this thing working would be greatly appreciated.



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