Re: [lvs-users] Alias on lo blocks everything

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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] Alias on lo blocks everything
From: Pieter Temmerman <ptemmerman.ext@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 16:05:58 +0100
> Simply to have the services running on that server listen to it. You
> cannot bind a service to an IP address that is not set up on that server
> and the packets are addressed to the VIP.

Good point.
Although my reasoning was the following:

When a request arrives on the director, it decides to which (lets say
Apache) server the request should be "forwarded". It sends an ARP
request for the real server (Resolves the RIP, not VIP) where Apache is
running and forwards the request. 
The request will arrive on the interface with the RIP, thus I expected
that the Apache server is actually listening on the RIP, not the VIP.

I figured out this is not the case, since my Apache won't accept any
connections if I don't have the VIP setup. But it still doesn't make
sense to me (I know, I'm hardheaded).

Could you point me out where my assumption was wrong?
Are the headers left untouched in the forwarded packet, and thus the VIP
still remains the destination.

Pardon my ignorance.

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