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Thanks for the response and sorry for messing up the thread formatting

Now I've started to look more into it, it shouldn't be too difficult.
The ldirectord resource agent in Pacemaker needs changing to a
multi-state RA so it can run in slave mode, then ldirectord itself needs
to take another argument to just start the sync daemon.

I'll have a go at implementing this and submit it to Pacemaker.


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On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 11:37:11AM -0000, Darren.Mansell@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> This doesn't seem to be in ldirectord, and it would seem to be a nice
> addition.
> Has anyone looked at implementing this?


the major problem that I have had with implementing this in the past is

a) the sync daemons are typically used when LVS is deployed in
   a master/stand-by configuration.
b) ldirectord typically only runs on the master

For this reason I think that its better to start the sync daemons
independent of ldirectord.

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