[lvs-users] NAT timeout question/issue

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Subject: [lvs-users] NAT timeout question/issue
From: Gary Smith <gary.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 11:30:54 -0700
I'm running into an issue where load balanced SMTP fails after about 10-20 
seconds.  The mail server reports that the connection was basically abandoned 
by the clients, in this case, a corporate email server.  We only see this issue 
when large emails are coming through.  

Switching it from -s wlc to -p works, but I really want the benefit of wlc.  
The servers are NAT'ing as well.  Is there something I can do about the timeout 
or should I just stick with -p with a reasonable timeout (600 seconds or 

Does anyone have any recommendations and would like to share how they have 
ipvsadm configure for their smtp servers.


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