[lvs-users] Best Alternative to ldirectord

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Subject: [lvs-users] Best Alternative to ldirectord
From: Eric Robinson <eric.robinson@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 02:44:30 +0000
Okay guys, don't laugh too hard. I guess I might be the last person in the 
world still using ldirectord. Until recently, my attitude has been "If it ain't 
broke, don't fix it." But I think we finally outgrew it. We currently have 
1700+ virtual services (600 tomcats pointed to 1200 realservers, 500 MySQL 
redirections, 10 Windows terminal server services pointed to 20 realservers, 
and a smattering of other stuff). We've been pretty satisfied with ldirectord. 
It performs well, uses very little resources, but it has a few problems and 
it's old and unmaintained, so we're finally looking for a new solution. What's 
the best FOSS alternative? I've been looking at keepalived, but it seems to 
want haproxy as well, and the setup looks more much more complicated than 
ldirectord's. What's the current conventional wisdom for fast, easy, cheap 
(free), load balancing on Linux?

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