Re: [PATCH] Transparent proxy support for LVS with localnode and realser

To: Joseph Mack NA3T <jmack@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Transparent proxy support for LVS with localnode and realservers (WORKING) (fwd)
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From: Raphael Vallazza <raphael@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 19:24:07 +0100
Work, with the PREROUTING method.

sorry don't understand. Are you saying that there won't be a VIP on the director with ipvs in PREROUTING either? (in which case I'm happy)

Yes, it should also work without a VIP.

you seem to be more interested in transparent proxy and localnode than most other people on the ml so maybe you have a different interest in it.

I regard transparent proxy only as a way of avoiding having the VIP on the director (perhaps it has other virtues I've ignored), which was pretty neat at the time and I was sorry we lost that capability with 2.4.x kernels. With ipvs no longer in LOCAL_IN, you don't have a requirement for the VIP anymore and presumably you wouldn't need transparent proxy either.

People rarely use localnode. I wouldn't miss it if it didn't exist. Do you want it for other reasons (eg sorry server)? If for a sorry server, could we invoke something like Julian's iproute2 trick that's currently being used to emulate transparent proxy?

Transparent proxying is very important for us because we use IPVS to cluster application level proxies on firewalls. I.E. we have 2 nodes and one of the two acts as master/director, balancing traffic between node 1 (himself, localnode) and node 2 (slave, realnode). We would like support transparent proxying for squid and let the master/ director node act as the gateway, outgoing web traffic to port 80 balanced over the node and tranparently redirected to port 8080 (squid). Probably it's an unusual setup for IPVS ;) We could also use tproxy and haproxy, but LVS + keepalived work together like a charm, so we tried to find a solution with LVS.

what's the localnode + realserver problem with transparent proxy?

It's the NAT problem i've described in the previous mail... if LVS resides in LOCAL_IN traffic has to be DNATed before LVS comes into play and the realservers return packets with the wrong/NATed destination port to the client.

The only negative thing is that traffic can't be filtered in a regular way,
it would be nice to avoid the collisions with firewall rules that we have now.

Yes, but i can't find a good solution for that if used together with transparent proxying, the only one i've found was the PREROUTING one, any thoughts?

Hmmm, i think i've just understood the solution with FORWARD :) It should also work with transparent proxies, LVS has to nat the traffic for the localnode, instead of letting netfilter DNAT/REDIRECT it.

I'll try to put LVS inside the FORWARD chain and see what happens :)



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