Re: [PATCH] Transparent proxy support for LVS with localnode and realser

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Subject: Re: [PATCH] Transparent proxy support for LVS with localnode and realservers (WORKING) (fwd)
From: Joseph Mack NA3T <jmack@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 10:56:38 -0800 (PST)
On Thu, 10 Jan 2008, Raphael Vallazza wrote:

I'm getting arithmetically increasing numbers of replies, so I'm only replying to lvs-devel this time.

Yes, it should also work without a VIP.

Transparent proxying is very important for us because we use IPVS to cluster application level proxies on firewalls. I.E. we have 2 nodes and one of the two acts as master/director, balancing traffic between node 1 (himself, localnode) and node 2 (slave, realnode).

are you using transparent proxy for localnode?

We would like support transparent proxying for squid and let the master/director node act as the gateway, outgoing web traffic to port 80 balanced over the node and tranparently redirected to port 8080 (squid). Probably it's an unusual setup for IPVS ;)

sorry if I'm being thick and miss the point of your :-) here, but you must know that squids were the first major use of lvs. I haven't kept track of how people are load balancing squids now. I guess I'd assumed they were putting a fwmark on anything to 0/80 (or equivalently NAT'ing it to 3128 and then fwmarking it).

what's the localnode + realserver problem with transparent proxy?

It's the NAT problem i've described in the previous mail...

I didn't get it then and I'm still having trouble with it.

if LVS resides in LOCAL_IN, traffic has to be DNATed before LVS comes into play and the realservers return packets with the wrong/NATed destination port to the client.

you're talking about the original LOCAL_IN ipvs. Packets to localnode is just forced to be accept locally. You have LVS-NAT with packets being accepted by transparent proxy. Can't remember what I thought happened with LVS-NAT and transparent proxy. Just looked at the HOWTO and see the httpds receiving packets by transparent proxy have to be setup to reply on the VIP, but I don't know your problem yet. Can you show the path of the packets and the IPs involved?

Hmmm, i think i've just understood the solution with FORWARD :) It should also work with transparent proxies, LVS has to nat the traffic for the localnode, instead of letting netfilter DNAT/REDIRECT it.

sounds like part of the problem above that I don't understand.

I'll try to put LVS inside the FORWARD chain and see what happens :)

OK. good luck.

The user expects that incoming packets will be messed with by iptables/conntrack before LVS gets them (and the reverse on sending packets out to the realservers). If ipvs is in PREROUTING, you're going to have to make sure that nothing ever gets put in the PREROUTING chain after LVS. If ipvs is in FOWARD then the user will already know that they have to know the order in which packets are hooked (I don't expect much chain hooking goes on in FORWARD)


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