Re: [v2 PATCH 0/4] IPVS: Backup Adding Ipv6 and Persistence support

To: Hans Schillstrom <hans.schillstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [v2 PATCH 0/4] IPVS: Backup Adding Ipv6 and Persistence support
Cc: LVS-Devel <lvs-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Simon Horman <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, "wensong@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <wensong@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, "daniel.lezcano@xxxxxxx" <daniel.lezcano@xxxxxxx>
From: Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 17:55:32 +0300 (EEST)


On Fri, 29 Oct 2010, Hans Schillstrom wrote:

- Persistence data is not tested.

The Persistence part is based on Simon Hormans Backup RFC
Julian for the comments and the Review of the RFC

Simlified fwmark handling patch 1/4
New handling of optional data patch 2/4
Seconds in timeout
Basically all changes is based on Julians and Simons comments on the RFC
For details see individual patches.

v2 PATCH 1/4

v2 PATCH 2/4
        - Do we change the name from "Option" to "Parameter" ?
        Also, 'Option Length" will be part of the DATA, i.e.
        it should be present depending on type, in some cases
        it will be implicit, eg. for IPVS_OPT_SEQ_DATA:

                - 1 octet IPVS_OPT_SEQ_DATA followed by
                struct ip_vs_sync_conn_options

                - 1 octet IPVS_OPT_PE_DATA, 1 or 2 octets
                for Parameter Length (pe_data_len) followed by
                pe_data. If the decision is to support large
                data please use 2 octets and get_unaligned_be16
                to read it. Other PEs may need it, they can decide
                to add many things in PE data, they will not
                allocate other cp fields for their data.

                - 1 octet for IPVS_OPT_PE_NAME, 1 octet
                for Parameter Length (pe_name_len) followed by

        - struct ip_vs_sync_mesg_v2 with spaces instead of tabs?

        - can we add check in backup for timeout not to exceed
                (MAX_SCHEDULE_TIMEOUT / HZ)

        For example:

        if (timeout) {
                if (timeout > MAX_SCHEDULE_TIMEOUT / HZ)
                        timeout = MAX_SCHEDULE_TIMEOUT / HZ;
                cp->timeout = timeout * HZ;
        } else ...

        - extra space in protocol:
        ip_vs_proc_conn(&param, flags, state, s-> protocol, AF_INET,

        - lets drop the optional parameters from ip_vs_process_message()?

        - ip_vs_process_message: do not use mask: m2->size & SVER_MASK
        because the message size has no version.

        - What is the right thing to do in ip_vs_conn_fill_param_sync
        when ip_vs_pe_get() does not find PE? May be to drop
        connection? May be in ip_vs_process_message() we should
        use one pointer for end of message (it was 'p' before now),
        so that we can skip connections, for example, when some
        mandatory parameter as PE is not supported. We should not
        drop the whole sync message. When message is invalid it
        should be dropped but lack of support should not hurt
        other connections. In the case for PE may be
        ip_vs_conn_fill_param_sync() should return 1 if
        PE is unknown (ip_vs_pe_get). Then caller will continue
        with next connection if result > 0 or will drop message
        if result < 0 as in current patch. May be the pe_name
        presence should be the first check in
        ip_vs_conn_fill_param_sync. Also note that p->pe is
        pointer without reference while called in ip_vs_sched_persist.
        In our case with ip_vs_conn_fill_param_sync we should
        put this reference after calling ip_vs_proc_conn().
        May be ip_vs_find_dest should check that p->pe matches
        svc->pe. ip_vs_try_bind_dest should provide p->pe too
        for this check. But we must somehow ignore new conns
        with PE if they don't have cp->dest (service) because
        it is risky to attach PE that is not held by svc.
        It is bad that the check for p->pe is before

        Example for parsing:

        - rename msgEnd/p to 'char *endp;' and move it before loop.
        It will have the 'p' role as before: to point to end
        of connection.

        before loop:
        endp = buffer + sizeof(struct ip_vs_sync_mesg_v2);

        In loop:

+               p = endp;
+               s = (union ip_vs_sync_conn *) endp;
+               size = ntohs(s->v4.ver_size) & SVER_MASK;
+               endp = p + size; <--- we are ready for 'continue'

        By this way endp should point to next connection in case
        we want to ignore current one at any time. 'p' will walk
        parameters as you do now. After that all checks for p should be
        with endp, I mean use 'if (p > endp)' here:

+               if (p > buffer+buflen) {
+                       IP_VS_ERR_RL("bogus conn in sync message\n");
+                       return;
+               }

        - Note that pe_data is leaked when ip_vs_proc_conn() fails
        to create connection. May be PE info for non-templates
        should be ignored? And we need a way to know if
        ip_vs_proc_conn called ip_vs_conn_new at all and that
        it succeeded so that we can safely free pe_data.

        Simon should tell what happens if some PE updates
        ct->pe_data, may be we should replace it too for the
        case when ip_vs_proc_conn works with existing template?

v2 PATCH 4/4
        May be we should add configuration option if sync is enabled
        to default to version 0 because how we solve the problem if
        backup can not be upgraded?

        For IPVS_OPT_PE_NAME: because we have length better not to
        add zero terminator in sync message. It complicates the
        checks in backup. Or backup prefers to check with zero
        terminated string directly from message? In this case we
        should check for existing terminator.


Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
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