I really can't understand it...

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Subject: I really can't understand it...
From: Ratz <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 21:05:36 +0200

I'm a little confused and I have a few questions:

Why does Loadbalancer generate ICMP Redirects (snoop-output from
firewall) and what is the purpose of this?
Why can't I see outgoing packets to the Realserver in tcpdump running on
Loadbalancer? (Incoming Request are shown)

I solved my first problem with the strange tcpdump-output by applying
some HP-patches and configuring the loopback device in a correct way.

ifconfig lo0:1 xxx.yyy.197.72 netmask -arp up
So here shows up the next question: How important is the netmask on
virtual loopback? HP/UX doesn't let you give netmasks

Ok, I can at least connect to one server, SYN-ACK, but the first
response packet causes the connection to quit. If I try a second time,
Loadbalancer correctly "redirects" to the second real server but I only
get a SETSOCKOPT: invalid argument. I remember to have seen the same
thing with IRIX, but since I can't tell what is causing this error, I
dare to say it's UNiX specific.

Please, help, ASAP! 



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