Re: I really can't understand it...

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Subject: Re: I really can't understand it...
From: Ratz <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 23:07:29 +0200
Axel Dunkel/Dunkel/DE wrote:
> Hi,
> I still think that the send_redirects IS your problem (believe me until you
> prove otherwise :-)
> Try echo 0 > to all send_redirects under /proc. If this does not help I'd
> think that your kernel has some unpleasant combination of modules...
> Axel

Hi Axel,

You're right, I was snooping the whole day and I also set up the Linux
Webserver and I had no problem at all also the redirect_problem
vanished. Loadbalancer is working absolutely fine!!! And I also spoke
with some guys from HP Response Team and they told me that
TCP/IP-Implementation in Linux doesn't conform to the RFC's dealing with
TCP/IP. That was also what they told me about the thing with the
netmask. It is out of RFC-specification to set a host netmask So, I have to stop here because I tried all I knew
about this project, I think I consulted all RTFM's, practically all
postings...perhaps not carefully enough... but I mean, I set up several
environments containing Linux, Solaris, NT (thanx to Wensong for
helping), IRIX (Indigo2) and FreeBSD with Webservers, and except IRIX I
didn't encounter any problems nor strange networking behavior. IRIX had
some problems to with setting netmask, but the only error that occured
was this setsockopt failed every 4th request to that machine, but at
least I could make a GET-request. So I cant understand why just HP/UX
11.00 with some patches should be the "only" Unix which did a correct
TCP/IP implementation. Thanks for reading this, I'm a bit upset and
writing this stuff helps calming down. 

Big thank to you all for helping and putting me on the right way. I will
continue to make tests with this LVS-project. But unfortunately I had to
install an ACEdirector2 from Alteon, because they wanted me to install
loadbalancer today. :-(( 
I wanted to give a chance to this project, and I will continue to
install it wherever our company will make an offer to a customer with
Linux, NT or Solaris Webfarms.

Best regards 


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