What does a negative count of InaActConn mean?

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Subject: What does a negative count of InaActConn mean?
From: Ratz <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 14:34:58 +0200

I was just wondering about following output? If somebody could explain
to me what this means. Loadbalancing works, so there is no problem, I
just didn't see this occurences before.

Protocol LocalAddProtocol LocalAddress:Port Scheduler Flags
      -> RemoteAddress:Port    Forward Weight ActiveConn InActConn
TCP xx.yy.199.73:80 wrr persistent
      -> xx.yy.199.70:80     Route   1      3          -1009     
      -> xx.yy.199.69:80     Route   1      1          -1114     
TCP xx.yy.199.72:80 wrr persistent
      -> xx.yy.199.67:80     Route   1      0          -43       
      -> xx.yy.199.66:80     Route   1      0          -43  

Roberto Nibali

p.s.: lvs-0.9.0,  realserver: kernel-2.0.36

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