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Subject: Re: load balancing and lvs
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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 11:59:08 -0400
I'm fairly sure this can be done with a LinuxDirector. (LVS)

Just put a LinuxDirector in front of your router cluster and balance onto
that cluster. Those routers will receive the packets and route them as if
they were routed to them statically by a normal router. I'm fairly sure this
is what is called "transparent load balancing," and is often done at large
companies. Either the company will load balance to a cluster of routers or
the company will load balance to a cluster of proxies which have their own
paths to the Internet. (note that each router/proxy may have a completely
different upstream to the Internet)

The only trouble with that setup is that the LinuxDirector becomes your new

Unless you have multiple load balancers which somehow communicate with each
other as one big load balancer and internally balance traffic between them,
you'll always need to have one separate machine specifically keeping track
of where is connection is going and where each next connection should go.

You could also look into employing some of the various IGPs, like OSPF, and
arranging the routers in your configuration to partition your network into
various areas and sections. Rather than running a great deal of traffic
through one router which has to determine where all of that great deal of
traffic should be routed, put routers all over your network which each
handle those small networks. Those routers, using something like OSPF or
some other IGP, will build tables inside them which will show which path is
the shortest and route through that path. This should take a great deal of
load off of routers which simply route most of their traffic to a default

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> On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Ted Pavlic wrote:
> > Only one LinuxDirector is active a time. In order to "load balance" to
> > LinuxDirectors, one would need yet another load balancer. (perhaps
> > LinuxDirector)
> i was really interested in a set of load balanced routers and/or
> firewalls. ie is their any way in which insted of one router we are able
> to provide a set of routers so that the routing can be balanced across
> them. i have searched cisco site to see if they have any products which
> will do this, but could not find any. they have some which does the job of
> LVS though.
> any leads will be much appreciated.
> raj

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