Installation problem...

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Subject: Installation problem...
From: graham@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:59:11 GMT

I am new to Piranha and having hard time installing it on my new RH 6.2

I have no problem to activate the Piranha which come with RH 6.2, but I
found that the service is not stable, so I decided to upgrade Piranha to
newest version.

After upgrade to ver 0.4.17-2, I cannot even change my password using
/usr/sbin/piranha-passwd. The service is up but request cannot get to the
real server. Piranha password file (piranha.passwd) is stored under /etc
instead of /home/piranha/conf like what the documentation mentioned.

I had tried several times re-installing RH + Piranha but still cannot get
it work. What should I do now? Are there any better or more detailed
documentation on installing and using Piranha? Please help.

Graham Soon

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