I have always the same problem, i cannot understand why...

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Subject: I have always the same problem, i cannot understand why...
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Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 23:52:59 +0200
Hi all,
        sometimes ago i send an email about the possibilities to solve the
damn question about reach our load balancer server port 80 directly form
I cannot giure it out, but i do not think ther eis no solutions yet, i only
know how-to .
My configration si quite symply:
Load balncer/redirector have two interfaces, eth0 on internet eth1 on the
production net (
THen i have an intrnet separated from prodnet tha is, and
when form this net i browse www,i receive no answer form the redirector, i
cann see the packet hat reache the real server, but the real serve rsend the
answer to its defautl gw, the load balancer, ant the packet is loss!!!
becaues it is masqueraded.
I know tha it is not a problme of routing, because every real serve ron the
prodnet can easily reach the intranet without masuerading, the redirector is
so msart that route the packets, the only thing that doesn't work is always
the browsing, the direct connectio to the port that is beign balanced.
I'm thinking to move from NAT, to DR, but it would be have the real serve
ron internet directly and for some services it i snot possible, and i would
like to use the NAT, anyway...
Please could someone say if it is possible to have my problem solved or

P.S.: i can send my configurantio of the redirector routing table, ipchains if
interested in, about the real serve rit is easy, one net one default gw, the 
load balancer.

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