Re: LVS and NFS

To: Joseph Mack <mack.joseph@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: LVS and NFS
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From: Shain Miley <smiley@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 17:20:59 -0400
Well I am not 100% sure on the implementation..I am trying to get an
idea in my head about the best way to go about this.  Right now we have
an IMAP server running WU-IMAP.  This one machine is doing both IMAP and
SMTP.  I plan to split these services up and smtp can be delt with by
another less powerful machine.  
Users will also be using some sort of webmail (IMP/HORDE) to get their
mail when they are off site...other than that standard Eudora/Netscape
will be used for retrieval.
The real servers would need access to both the users home directories as
well as the /var/mail directory. I am not too familiar with the actual
locking problems...I understand the basics but I also hear that NFS V3
was supposed to fix some of the locking issues with V2...I also saw some
links to GFS,AFS,etc not too sure how they would work...also I thought
about samba and only found one post from last year where someone was
going to try it but there was no more info there.  I am very willing to
take suggestions :-)

Joseph Mack wrote:
> Shain Miley wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I am new to the list and I was wondering if someone could either provide
> > a link or some details about the maturity of LVS
> LVS is in great shape :-)
> and the available
> > 'shared disk' options.
> it depends a little bit on how you're going to share the files
> (which you haven't told us about). If the
> NFS is just sharing files like is does anywhere else, then you'll
> only have the usual troubles (which you allude to).
> > I am planning on setting up an LVS IMAP cluster
> do you understand the single writer, many reader properties of LVS?
> One of the first things LVS was used for was for a mail server
> (by Ted Pavlic). He had to do a lot of thinking to get all the
> locking straight and unfortunately he never wrote it up for us.
> So unfortunately what you're (probably) about to do isn't a canned
> setup yet. It's also probably a little tricky and you're going
> to have to test it with single mail events and then run something
> hard against it to see if you loose test mails. Even loosing
> 1 mail in 1000 will annoy users (quite rightly), but will
> require some accurate testing.
> Can you describe more how you plan to do this (eg how the IMAP
> servers get their mail), how the clients get the mail from the
> IMAP servers, how the client send their mail out, where the LVS
> fits in? We're very good with free advice :-)
> I haven't setup an LVS mail server. How big a single machine is
> needed to handle your 500-700 people?
> Joe
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